Automatic design of bridge abutments


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Title: Automatic design of bridge abutments

Author(s): Gayraud, V.; Iglesias Pérez, C.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 48

Issue: 206

Appears on pages(s): 115 - 128


Date: 1/8/1997

In this paper the problem of an integrated project and design of bridge abutments is presented. All this taking into acount the topographical computer disc survey, the bridge alignment and the geotechnical properties of the soil. These properties and the forces transmitted by the deck are supposed to be known. The topographical data necessary to determine the correct position of the abutment are 3 ground profiles that may be obtained by simple mouse clickings in a CADKEY program. The final result is a collection of drawings of abutment geometry and reinforcing steel bars.

ACI International Partner, ACHE Spain, International Partner Access.

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