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Title: Influence of residual stresses on the tensile test of prestressed concrete wires

Author(s): Atienza Riera, J.M.; Elices Calafat, M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 56

Issue: 235

Appears on pages(s): 79 - 89



Date: 1/1/2005

The aim of this paper is to show the influence of residual stresses, due to cold-drawing, on the tensile test of steel wires for prestressed concrete. It has been shown that residual stresses affect the shape of the tensile stress-strain curve and particularly influence on the ratio ó0,2/ómax. It was found that residual stresses favours the onset of yielding and the ratio f 0,2/f max decreases with increasing values of residual stresses. Because of the deleterious effect of residual stresses on fatigue and stress corrosion, it is reasonable to put a lower limit to f 0,2/f max in the standards. Also, it has shown the influence fo post-drawing treatments on residual stresses and on the ratio f 0,2/f max.

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