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Title: Influence of shear and loss of adherence in the evaluation of seismic damage indices for reinforced concrete frames

Author(s): Aguiar Falconi, R.; Bozzo Rotondo, L.; Barbat Barbat, A.H.; Canas Torres, J.A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 47

Issue: 201

Appears on pages(s): 27 - 42



Date: 1/5/1996

The article presents various alternatives to evaluate the seismic damage in reinforced concrete building. The damage is evaluated obtaining the yielding curvature, including shear stresses and loss of adherence in the cracked section. The article focuses on the evaluation of the yielding curvature and it proposes a more general procedure to obtain it. The formulation for the bond deterioration is based on the solution of the differential equation governing the problem. The numeric solutions obtained with the proposed yielding curvature model are compared with the method proposed by Park, Reinhorn and Kunnath in a building subjected to seismic motions. The non-linear behaviour of the material is defined by the Roufaiel and Meyer constitutive model. The damage is simulated using the models proposed by Lybas and Sozen; Banon and Veneziano; Park and Ang; Daali; and Soo, Meyer and Shinozuka. Finally, the article includes numeric solutions for a single storey frame with three degrees of freedom subjected to two different seismic actions.

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