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Title: Modular structure of Valencia high-speed railway station

Author(s): Bernabeu Larena, J.; Martín Colecha, A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 61

Issue: 258

Appears on pages(s): 43 - 52

Keywords: modular structure, roof structure, railway station, steel structure, canopy, color.


Date: 1/8/2010

The modular conception of the structure exceeds its constructive function, becoming an active element of it's architectural composition and defining the image of the station. Valencia High-Speed Railway Station is conceived as a meccano construction, built from structural square modules. Two kinds of modules are sequentially repeated: the umbrella" type, with a central column that takes both the vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations, and the "plate" type, that leans without any column on two "umbrella" modules at both sides. This structural scheme creates the platform canopy and introduces itself in the lobby, increasing the height of the piers and bending the roof. The main diagonal elements of the modules define the composition of the ceiling."

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