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Title: Steel structure and prestressed façade of the new Terminal Building

Author(s): Viñuela Rueda, L.; Martínez Salcedo, J.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 57

Issue: 239

Appears on pages(s): 71 - 84

Keywords: Airport, Terminal, Barajas, Steel structure, Prestressed façade, Tensostructure.


Date: 1/1/2006

The new airport terminal Madrid-Barajas, from architects Lamela and Rogers, is one of the main, if not the main building project that has been undertaken in Spain in recent years. The design of the steel structure of the roof, with more than 25.000 t of S355 and S460 steel, has due to its shape faced particular topics with all strongly curved elements. Its façade with a height up to 15 meters, is an impressive prestressed façade tensioned between the main beams of the steel roof and the supporting concrete structure. This paper will describe some details of the design and construction of the roof and façade. The interaction of the roof structure and the prestressed façade was really challenging.

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