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Title: A real case of brittle failure of a normal reinforcing bar

Author(s): López, V.; Andrade Perdrix, M.C.; Fullea García, J.; Alonso Alonso, M.C.; Nasarre, P.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 45

Issue: 192

Appears on pages(s): 81 - 85



Date: 1/5/1994

The possibility of brittle fracture of prestressed concrete wires when suffering a chemical attrack is already known as a stress corrosion cracking mechanism. However, it has not been found documented in the literature of brittle fracture of reinforcing bars, perhaps due the mechanical loads foreseen are not high enough to induce SCC. In present paper, a case of real brittle fracture of a plain reinforced bar with low carbon content is documented. The overload has been produced by thermal stresses in the absence of thermal joints in the building. The brittle character of the failure (SCC) has been identified by microscopical observation. Similar fractures could hapen, if unexpected overloads like present one act on corroding rebars and therefore, it seems of interest to know the frequency of occurrence of such a type of failure, in order to consider it as a possibility.

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