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Title: Structural comportement of two-way slabs according to the methods of "the grillage", "the equivalent frame" and "the direct design"

Author(s): Villegas Cabredo, L. M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 41

Issue: 177

Appears on pages(s): 61 - 74



Date: 1/8/1990

The structural comportment of two flat slabs, withi nine square comparments (3x3) and relationship between their spans lx/ly of 1,00 and 1,50, subjected to gravity loads (uniformy distributed in its interior and linear fashion at the perimeter) are studied. The analytical methods used were the ""Grillage"" (its bars have been supposed to be with or without torsional stiffness), the ""Equivalent Frame"" (have been realizaed three claculations in each frame, considering different aproximates inertias for their elements) and the ""Direct Design"" (ACI). The obtained results (bending, torsions and deformations) have permitted the study of the existing differences betweem the analyses used. The calculations using the Grillage allows us to deduce correcting coefficients that permit the improvement of the results that were obtained by the analysis of these structures with Equivalents Frames.

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