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Title: Viaduct over the Ulla river (La Coruña-Pontevedra)

Author(s): Torroja, J.A.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 46

Issue: 196

Appears on pages(s): 69 - 72



Date: 1/3/1995

The viaduct over the Ulla river is located at the Atlántico highway, thet joins Padrón and Caldas de Reyes, close to the first one. It is formed by two twin structures with circular plan and 117,40 m long. The structure is a Frame of three spans of 48-80-48 m, fixed to the piers and simply sopported at the abutment walls. TYhe box-girder deck has a parabolic varying depth between 4,20 m in the joint with piers and 1,90 in the middle of the spans. The top slab is 11,30 m wide and the box-girder is 6,10 m wide. The piers are a double wall in reinforced concrete, 6,60 m wide and 0,80 m deep, and the height is 24,00 m. The deck is built by the cantilever method wiith cast ""in situ"" segments.

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