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Title: Steel-concrete composite bridge over the Najerilla river in Arenzana (La Rioja)

Author(s): Millanes Mato, F.; González Barcina, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 44

Issue: 187

Appears on pages(s): 57 - 75



Date: 1/3/1993

This paper describes the project of a new steel-concrete composite bridge on the river Najerilla at Arenzana. It is a continuous two spans straight girder, 40 meters long each. On the central bearing, the closed section is divided in two independent members bty means of a void in the middle of the web. This fact implies some interesting transictions from shear and beding in the closed section to axial tension an compression plus bending and toruqe to the supper and lower members, which are described in detail. The general aspects of design, construction and structural response are also discussed.

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