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Title: Reparation of structures

Author(s): Conde-Salazar, J.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 39

Issue: 169

Appears on pages(s): 101 - 107



Date: 1/8/1988

Three cases of structures repair are presnted, which were justified by damages of quite diverse nature: corrosion, impact and fire. Presently, maintenance and repair operations of structures built twenty or even fifteen eyars ago, give the opportunity of observing a number of corrosion related problems. The consequences of this corrosion range from simple cracking of concrete to major damage of the structure with fracture of prestressing wires and reinforcing bars and significant reduction of concrete cross-section. Impact problems are relatively common in cross-over structures with very strict clearance dimensions. Very frequently, heavy freight trucks excede the maximum allowable height, and in some cases, as in the example herein described, the damage was produced by a dumper for earth transpot circulating without lowering the body. Damages should be evaluated, in order to establish repair conclusions which may even lead, as in the present case, to the substitution of some elements. Third case presented refers to a quite uncommon situation, like the intentionally provoked fire. As in the previous example, a preliminar damage analysis is needed prior to the repair and/or reinforcing operations execution.

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