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Title: Fernando Reig"" bridge instrumentation

Author(s): Floriano Abril, A.M.; Ortega Basagoiti, L.M.

Publication: ACHE

Volume: 39

Issue: 169

Appears on pages(s): 45 - 54



Date: 1/8/1988

Thus oaoer shows the unstrymentation used in the ""Fernand oReig"" bridge, in Alcoy (Alicante), for monitoring its structure during the building and its subsequent load test. The ""Fernando Reig"" bridge is a cable stayed structure, largely built from precast concrete. It has a 90 m high central support tower and a total span of 273 m. Controls of movements, strains and temperatures were carried out. Steel strains were measured by 200 strain-gauges, distributed among the stay cable srands and the reinforcing bars of the deck sections nd support tower basement. For movement measurements, mechanical and optical tools were utilized. Thermal changes were checked up by means of 113 solid state gauges distributed among stay cables, deck sections and central support tower.

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