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Title: Load-Carrying Performance and Hydrostatic Tests of Encapsulated Anchor Systems for Unbonded Post-Tensioning Single-Strands

Author(s): Ah Sir Cho and Thomas H.-K. Kang

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 12


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: post-tensioned anchor, encapsulation, corrosion, durability, unbonded, performance test, static load test, fatigue test, hydrostatic test.

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-018-0233-z

Date: 2/28/2018

ACI 318-14 and 423.7-14 require the use of encapsulation system for an unbonded single-strand tendon for the purpose of corrosion protection and enhanced durability. In this study, load-carrying performance and hydrostatic tests were conducted for a newly developed, unbonded post-tensioning (PT) anchor with encapsulation, following the guidelines put forth in KCI-PS101 and ACI 423.7-14. The static load and fatigue tests as part of this study were used to evaluate the anchorage system behavior under static and cyclic loads, respectively. The hydrostatic test was used to demonstrate that the encapsulation system withstood at least 9.3 kPa of water pressure in a 24 h period according to ACI 423.7-14, and thus has been proven to promote the durability of unbonded PT single-strand tendons. Additionally, the push-in and jacking tests were used to assess the compressive and tensile strengths of the anchor as used in the field. Although these tests were not performed to failure for safety reasons, the anchor endured at least 1.18 and 1.02 times the nominal ultimate strength of a strand in each test, respectively. The authors’ previous load transfer tests were also reported in this paper, showing that test specimens with only two horizontal backup bars were capable of resisting at least 1.7 times the nominal ultimate strength of a strand. Based on the favorable results from the loadcarrying performance and hydrostatic tests, the developed encapsulated anchor systems are being applied in actual practice as an economically feasible option in Korean PT industry and are expected to improve the corrosion resistance and durability of posttensioned structures.