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Title: Steel-Corrosion Characteristics of an Environmental Inhibitor using Limestone Sludge and Acetic Acid

Author(s): Hwa-Sung Ryu, Deuck-Mo Kim, Sang-Heon Shin, Won-Jun Park, and Seung-Jun Kwon

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 12


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: steel, corrosion, inhibitor, limestone sludge, acetic acid.

DOI: 10.1186/s40069-018-0243-x

Date: 2/28/2018

Calcium acetate, which can be used in concrete to shorten the construction period and to improve productivity, was manufactured using limestone sludge and acetic acid. Calcium acetate contains a carboxyl group, and it can provide anticorrosive properties by forming a complex with the steel surface. We evaluated the basic performance of a carboxylic early-strength agent produced from industrial by-products (limestone sludge and acetic acid) as a corrosion inhibitor. A comparative evaluation was performed using calcium nitrate, which is a conventional early-strength agent; the corrosion area ratio, corrosion state, and electrochemical performance of a steel plate immersed in aqueous solutions were evaluated. A steel plate immersed in calcium acetate was not substantially corroded. The electrochemical investigations showed a high corrosion potential based on the impedance characteristics. The corrosion current showed anodic values, and no corrosion occurred on the surface of the steel plate because of the adsorption of carboxyl groups. Scanning electron microscopy indicated that the steel plate was covered by a crystalline coating, which suppressed corrosion. We show that it is possible to develop an environmentally friendly recycling method as an early-strength agent and corrosion inhibitor when manufacturing calcium acetate using limestone sludge.