Dynamic and Quasi-Static Nanoindentation of C-S-H and C-A-S-H


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Title: Dynamic and Quasi-Static Nanoindentation of C-S-H and C-A-S-H

Author(s): William Hunnicutt, Paramita Mondal, and Leslie Struble

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 312


Appears on pages(s): 1-15

Keywords: C-A-S-H, C-S-H, compaction, dynamic, nanoindentation, NMR, viscoelasticity

Date: 10/1/2016

The viscoelastic nature of concrete is a topic of much study and the calcium-silicate-hydrate (C-S-H) phase is believed to be largely responsible for this viscoelastic behavior. In this study the viscoelastic properties of synthesized calcium-silicate-hydrate (C-S-H) and calcium-alumino-silicate-hydrate (C-A-S-H) are measured by quasi-static and dynamic nanoindentation. A protocol for synthesizing and preparing samples for chemical and mechanical characterization is presented. The addition of aluminum to C-S-H has been previously shown to modify its molecular structure, a modification that is expected to change the viscoelastic behavior. The results indicate that C-A-S-H behaves more viscously than C-S-H and a number of factors are discussed.