Strength And Durability Of Sustainable Concrete: An Experimental Study


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Title: Strength And Durability Of Sustainable Concrete: An Experimental Study

Author(s): Ciro Faella; Carmine Lima; Enzo Martinelli; Marco Pepe; Roberto Realfonzo

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 305


Appears on pages(s): 10.1-10.10

Keywords: Compressive strength; Durability; Fly Ash; Recycled Aggregate Concrete; Recycled Concrete Aggregate; Sustainable concrete

Date: 9/1/2015

The concrete industry is among the most resource and energy-consuming human activities. Therefore, several solutions are currently under investigation with the aim of reducing the environmental impacts of concrete production. These solutions often consist of partially replacing ordinary “natural” constituents (i.e. aggregates, cement, water, fibers) with recycled ones, in view of the twofold objective of reducing both the demand of raw materials and the amount of waste to be disposed in landfills. Therefore, this paper deals with sustainable concrete made with recycled concrete aggregates and coal fly-ash in partial substitution of natural aggregates and Portland cement, respectively. Particularly, it reports the results of a wide experimental activity intended at investigating both the mechanical properties and the durability performance of this material by measuring the time evolution of its compressive strength, as well as some relevant durability-related properties, such as water permeability, carbonation resistance and chloride penetration. The results reported herein unveil the synergies arising by employing the aforementioned recycled materials and industrial by-products in partial replacement of the ordinary concrete constituents.