Effects of temperature on properties of fresh self-consolidating concrete


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Title: Effects of temperature on properties of fresh self-consolidating concrete

Author(s): M. Kaszyńska

Publication: KILW

Volume: 52

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 277-287

Keywords: self-consolidating,temperature

Date: 4/1/2006

Self-Compacting or Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) has been described as "the most revolutionary development in concrete construction for several decades". The flow characteristics and viscosity of SCC can be modified by changing the type of ingredients and their composition as well as by changing the mixing, curing, transportation and placing conditions. The temperature has a considerable effect on the setting time, workability and transportation time. This is the time the mixture is workable so that it can be placed in an existing structure. It is not important for precast components, but mostly applies to cast-in-place concrete that has to be transported to the job-site. The article deals with the effect of temperature on workability of the concrete mix, including the initial temperature of concrete mixture and ambient temperature. Also considered is the effect of temperature changes due to hydration heat of the cement in a massive concrete on mechanical properties of early age and mature self-consolidating concrete.

Polish Academy of Sciences, International Partner Access.

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