Crack resistance research of concrete protective coatings


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Title: Crack resistance research of concrete protective coatings

Author(s): W. Głodkowska

Publication: KILW

Volume: 49

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 131-149

Keywords: crack resistance,coatings,polymer

Date: 4/1/2003

The paper presents innovative approach to crack resistance problem of polymer and polymer-cement coatings used for surface protection of concrete structures. In a result of analysis of operating conditions of the arrangement elements: coating - concrete and loads assisting them in different situations but also anticipated results of their effects, evaluation criteria of crack resistance of protective polymer coatings and polymer-cement ones subject to the activity of short-term and long-term load were work out. On the basis of six coating materials there was made a research verification of crack resistance criteria and effects of mechanical short-term and long-term thermal load and weather factors in regard to crack resistance weredefined. Subject to research were the following coating properties: tensile strength, tensile strain, modulus of elasticity under tension and tensile strength adhesion of coatings to the concrete. On the basis of value changes of these properties in reaction to weather conditions, natural ageing curve was worked out for selected polymer coatings and polymer-cement ones. Tests carried out showed correctness of worked out criteria for crack resistance and proved their usage in designing protective coatings for concrete structures.

Polish Academy of Sciences, International Partner Access.

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