Evaluating The Performance Of Concrete Coatings As CO2 Barriers


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Title: Evaluating The Performance Of Concrete Coatings As CO2 Barriers


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Date: 2/13/2011

Reinforcement bars in the concrete element are susceptible to corrosion especially in aggressive environmental conditions. Multi- function coatings typically constitute a major component of maintenance/repair expenditure and are used as barriers to deleterious agents as well as fulfilling the traditional function of providing an aesthetically acceptable surface finish. There are many commercial coatings available in the market, the efficiency of which is not known. This is because currently there is no industry-wide standard that give reliable and consistent methods for testing and the available few do not use concrete substrates. The current research will address these issues by comprehensive testing of available coating systems on concrete substrates in accelerated weathering conditions. Additional parameters such as the surface textures of substrate and coating application methods will be assessed to determine their influences on coating performance. A major outcome will be a standard testing method to evaluate the effectiveness of coating systems. An environmental chamber in which moisture, humidity, UV radiation, rain, pressure, and other environmental factors could be controlled will be used for artificial weathering tests. Gas Chromatography machine will also be used for diffusion testing. This paper will present the problem, critically review the past studies on CO2 barriers and presents the current research that is underway at the University of Queensland.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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