Versatile PC-based Admixtures New Features for Application in RMC, Precast and RCC


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Title: Versatile PC-based Admixtures New Features for Application in RMC, Precast and RCC


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Date: 2/13/2011

Recent innovations in polymer technology give access to a new generation of concrete admixtures with previously unknown effects on fresh and hardened concrete. We describe three applications of this new technology in different fields of concrete industry, namely ready mix (RMC), precast and roller compacted concrete (RCC). In RMC, the new polymer generation provides superior workability retention under demanding conditions like lean mixes or extremely fine sand conditions. With focus on precast element production, we show that concrete producer can overcome what was formerly believed to be an intrinsic dependency between slump retention, early strength and final strength of concrete. A lab study describes the independent control of those three properties by using one of the new PC based admixtures. The versatility of the new technology is further illustrated through a case study of a first application of a polycarboxylate (PC) based admixture in a RCC dam. The tailored admixture features a vibration sensitive concrete, with particular advantages regarding speed of placing and overall quality of the RCC.

Concrete Institute of Australia, International Partner Access.

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