Transfer Girder with Asymmetric Loading


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Title: Transfer Girder with Asymmetric Loading

Author(s): Adam S. Lubell and Katrin Habel

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 273


Appears on pages(s): 1-20


Date: 9/20/2010

A transfer girder with 18’-8” (5690 mm) span is designed to provide column-free space in a hotel conference room at the second floor. The girder is subject to a tributary area load from the third floor and a terminated column which is offset from the mid-span location. All analysis and design is completed in accordance with Appendix A of ACI 318-08. Preliminary designs are examined for two alternate truss models that differ primarily in the slope of the inclined web members. For the preferred option, a detailed design is completed including direct consideration of fan-shaped struts at the column locations. The detailed design is also compared against the reinforcement requirements from the sectional design provisions of ACI 318-08.