Technical Committee on the Probability of Risk in Concrete Construction


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Title: Technical Committee on the Probability of Risk in Concrete Construction

Author(s): Yasuhiko YAMAMOTO, Shigeyuki SOGO, Sakae USHIJIMA, Takafumi NOGUCHI, Gaku SHOJI, Toshiharu NAKAMURA

Publication: JCI



Appears on pages(s): 1-21

Keywords: Concrete structure, defect, execution, risk assessment, risk management

Date: 7/1/2007

Actual state of various defective events and job stoppages occurring in concrete construction for limited types of structures (bridge superstructures, bridge substructures, middle- and high-rise collective housing, and box culverts) was investigated in terms of probability of occurrence, causing factors, countermeasures, and cost of countermeasures. With the aim of collecting basic information for formulating a risk management system for concrete construction, this investigation was carried out by questionnaire to experienced engineers. The Committee Report discusses the results of the questionnaire survey and presents a techniques of risk assessment for concrete construction bases on the collected basic information. Risk analysis of the concrete construction process was also conducted in regard to the structures covered by the questionnaire.

Japan Concrete Institute, International Partner Access.

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