Chloride Permeability of High Strength Concrete Platforms in the North Sea


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Title: Chloride Permeability of High Strength Concrete Platforms in the North Sea

Author(s): M. Sandvik, A. K. Haug., and O. Erlien

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 145


Appears on pages(s): 121-130

Keywords: chlorides; concrete platform; durability; environments; epoxy resins; high-strength concretes; permeability; slipform construction; water-cement ratio; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1994

Inspection and service reports from concrete platforms up to 20 years old in the hostile environment of the North Sea are positive. The need for remedial work has been minimum and these high-quality concretes demonstrate excellent performance under marine conditions. To meet the demands for durability and development in structural design and construction methods, a continuous effort has been made to advance concrete materials. Improved concrete properties are predominantly a consequence of improved cement qualities, more efficient admixtures, and better controlled processing of aggregates. The soundness of the aggregates has been verified from the start. Examinations of concrete specimens drilled out from different elevations of some of the platforms have revealed rather high concentrations of chlorides close to the concrete surface. For most of the specimens, the chloride content is, however, negligible at the reinforcement. Epoxy coating applied to the concrete surface in the splash zone of some platforms has shown to be efficient in preventing ingress of chlorides.