Mineral Admixtures in Concrete: State of the Art and Trends


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Title: Mineral Admixtures in Concrete: State of the Art and Trends

Author(s): S. Nagataki

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 144


Appears on pages(s): 447-482

Keywords: blast furnace slag; durability; fly ash; fresh concretes; hardened concretes; heat of hydration; mineral admixtures; rice husk ash; silica fume; strength; Materials Research

Date: 3/1/1994

With increasing knowledge of the importance of mineral admixtures, many kinds of by-product mineral admixtures have become widespread as an important constituent of cement concrete. By-product mineral admixtures such as fly ash, rice husk ash, and ground granulated blast furnace slag are attracting much attention as materials that not only contribute to the improvement of concrete performance (for example, high strength, high durability, and reduction of heat of hydration) but are also indispensable to the reduction of energy and carbon dioxide generated in the production of cement. Describes the current status of by-product mineral admixtures for concrete and their future outlook.