High-Strength Concrete for High-Rise towers


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Title: High-Strength Concrete for High-Rise towers

Author(s): C. T. Thornton

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 149


Appears on pages(s): 769-784

Keywords: beams (supports); columns (supports); concrete structures; creep properties; high-performance concretes; high-rise buildings; high-strength concretes; shrinkage; structural design; towers; structural engineering; temperature control; wind (meteorology);

Date: 10/1/1994

The twin 450-m Petronas Towers under construction in Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Malaysia, are discussed. These world's tallest buildings use concrete columns, ring beams and a core of 40- to 80-MPa cube strength concrete, and steel long-span floor beams. Benefits of high-strength concrete are discussed, including occupant comfort achieved using mass-to-length building period and high inherent damping to reduce building response, high lateral stiffness, simple monolithic cast in situ connections, reasonable member sizes, local labor use, and light erection equipment. Special design features include deep barrette foundations acting in friction, temperature control measures for a massive mat pour, treatments at stepped and sloping columns, and use of haunched beams to accommodate mechanical ducts. The construction approach to creep and shrinkage is also discussed.