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Title: Flexural Behavior of Prestressed Concrete Beams Reinforced With Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic Flat Bars

Author(s): R. Iwaki, Y. Murayama, H. Akiyama, and R. Amano

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 128


Appears on pages(s): 909-926

Keywords: beams (supports); bend test; deformation; ductility; flexural tests; plastics, polymers and resins; prestressed concrete; prestressing steels; Design

Date: 11/1/1991

Although prestressed concrete beams reinforced with fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) rods have a high potential of applicability to structures in corrosive or electromagnetic circumstances, most prestressed concrete beams showed brittle flexural failure in past experiments due to elastic rupture of the FRP used. From the viewpoint of the maintenance and hazard anticipation of structures, the brittle failure mode is undesirable. To improve the ductility, a series of flexural tests were carried out on beams with bonded and unbonded tendons, or with additional nontensioned tendons. Test results showed that the ultimate deformation in the beam with unbonded tendons was 250 percent that of the beam with bonded tendons, while the loading capacity was 90 percent, and additional placement of nontensioned tendons allowed a 400 percent larger deformation at ultimate load. Appropriate combinations of bonded and unbonded tendons with different amounts of tensioning force will satisfy the required ductility for each structure that is designed with each design concept.


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