Behavior of Thin Sheet FRC Under Impact Loading


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Title: Behavior of Thin Sheet FRC Under Impact Loading

Author(s): A. Bentur, S. Mindless, and c. Yan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 124


Appears on pages(s): 405-420

Keywords: asbestos; asbestos cement products; cements; failure mechanisms; fiberboard; fibers; impact strength; impact tests; load-deflection curve; reinforcing materials; Structural Research

Date: 9/1/1990

Thin-section fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) panels may be subjected to localized impact. In this study, thin sheet FRC materials, made with asbestos fibers in different matrixes, were tested under impact loading, using a drop-weight instrumented impact machine. The impact properties were characterized in terms of the peak bending load and the fracture energy (computed as the area under the load-deflection curve). Companion specimens were tested under static loading. The specimen dimensions were about 200 mm wide, 600 mm long, and 6 to 12.7 mm thick. In all cases, the peak bending loads were considerably higher under impact loading than under static loading; however, the fracture energies were always higher under static loading. These effects can be explained in terms of the porosity of the interfacial matrix, and the degree of bundle separation of the asbestos fibers.