Precast Segments Made With Compacted Dry Mix for Lunar Construction


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Title: Precast Segments Made With Compacted Dry Mix for Lunar Construction

Author(s): C. L. Hwang, R. Y. Lin, S. L. Shieh, and L. C. Lee

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 125


Appears on pages(s): 265-276

Keywords: compacting; fly ash; lunar bases; mix proportioning; workability; no-slump concrete; precast concrete; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1991

The quality of concrete construction conventionally relies on the workability and consolidation of the concrete mixture. Practically speaking, the higher the amount of water used, the better the workability of fresh concrete; however, the use of excessive amounts of water will induce some detrimental effects on the quality of concrete. For example, the increase of water content in concrete mix proportions may reduce the bonding strength between cement paste and aggregate interface because of the voids and possibility of bleeding. To deal with this problem, compaction technology is adopted to produce precasted segments. A specific dry concrete mixture containing fly ash is calculated from the minimum-void concept, and the dry mixing method is selected to process the mix. The test results reveal that segments with homogeneous quality and excellent engineering properties can be obtained by a 3-min high-pressure compaction process and 1- to 2-day moist-curing. From experience, the automated process of production is also feasible, and it is proposed that the properties of segment using compaction and similarity technology from this study have great possibilities in lunar base construction.