Long-Time Creep and Expansion Behavior of Concrete in a Marine Environment


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Title: Long-Time Creep and Expansion Behavior of Concrete in a Marine Environment

Author(s): J. Mijnisbergen and H. W. Reinardt

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 109


Appears on pages(s): 599-624

Keywords: blast furnace slag; concretes; creep properties; creep tests; expansion; fly ash; marine atmospheres; portland cements; sea water; stresses; water-cement ratio; Materials Research

Date: 8/1/1988

Report describes creep and expansion tests on concrete with various concrete mixes and stress levels in seawater and in lime-saturated water. The effect of seawater penetration is revealed by comparing the results with those obtained in lime-saturated water. It is shown that concrete made with portland cement and blast-furnace slag cement exhibits more creep in seawater than in lime-saturated water; this is especially true for portland cement concrete. No significant effect has so far been found with regard to concrete made with portland fly-ash cement. An increasing water-cement ratio leads to increasing (specific) creep, as expected. Expansion of concrete in seawater is greater than in lime water, especially for higher water-cement ratios. Blast-furnace slag cement expands less in seawater and more in lime water than portland cement does. The results do not support the superposition principle of linear creep and the superposition of creep and expansion (swelling).