Deicer Scaling Resistance of Lean Concretes Containing Fly Ash


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Title: Deicer Scaling Resistance of Lean Concretes Containing Fly Ash

Author(s): D. Whiting

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 114


Appears on pages(s): 349-372

Keywords: cement content; compressive strength; concretes; curing; deicers; fly ash; mix proportioning; scaling; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1989

The resistance to deicer scaling of lean concretes containing fly ash was evaluated using ASTM C 672-84. Concretes were prepared at cement contents of 250, 305, and 335 kg/m3. Six fly ashes were chosen for evaluation at cement replacement levels of 25 and 50 percent by mass in each of the mixtures. Specimens representative of residential flatwork were prepared and cured for 1 and 7 days under moist conditions, then air-dried until initiation of testing at 35 days of age. Results indicate that all mixtures containing fly ash exhibit more rapid and severe scaling than those mixtures prepared with cement alone at the same total cementitious material content. Scaling was found to increase with a decrease in the total cementitious content of the mixture and an increase in the amount of cement replaced. Data on compressive strength, and characteristics of air-void systems in these concretes are also presented.