Connections on Hollow-Core Floor Systems for Enhanced Fire Performance


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Title: Connections on Hollow-Core Floor Systems for Enhanced Fire Performance

Author(s): J. Chang, R.P. Dhakal, P.J. Moss, and A.H. Buchanan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 255


Appears on pages(s): 175-198

Keywords: connections; finite element analysis; fire resistance; hollow-core floor; membrane action; SAFIR

Date: 10/1/2008

The connection details of precast, prestressed hollow-core floor units to supporting reinforced concrete beams have a significant influence on the structural behavior of the floor systems during earthquakes. Connections are also one of the most dominant components affecting the fire performance of such floor systems. However, since it is often too complicated to conduct performancebased structural design of hollow-core concrete flooring systems for fire exposure or earthquake attack, engineers are inclined to carry out design using tabulated data and they subsequently overlook the influence of the connections. In this research, an analytical study has been conducted using the finite element tool SAFIR on the structural fire performance of hollow-core floor systems with new connection details that have been experimentally verified to provide better seismic performance. The analytical results show that rotationally rigid end and side connections provide better fire resistance than rotationally flexible connections.