Improvements in the Properties of Concrete Utilizing "Classified Fly Ash"


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Title: Improvements in the Properties of Concrete Utilizing "Classified Fly Ash"

Author(s): K. Uita, S. Shigematsu, and M. Ishil

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 114


Appears on pages(s): 219-240

Keywords: alkali-aggregate reactions; concretes; drying shrinkage; fly ash; permeability; physical properties; strength; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1989

Fly ashes having maximum particle diameters of 20, 10, and 5 æ, called classified fly ash (CFA), were investigated for their effect on concrete properties. The CFA-concrete containing 15 to 30 percent CFA by cement weight requires less water content per unit volume. Greater strength and watertightness, lower drying shrinkage, and higher resistance to alkali silica reaction are imparted to concrete by the addition of CFA. Grading or type of fly ash determines its effect on concrete.