Utilization of Sorbent Slurry-Injection Modified Fly Ash


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Title: Utilization of Sorbent Slurry-Injection Modified Fly Ash

Author(s): R. C. Joshi, J. O. Thomas, M. Mozes, and R. Mangal

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 132


Appears on pages(s): 387-402

Keywords: cements; compacting; compressive strength; fly ash; permeability; pozzolanic activity; specimens; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1992

Presents the results of a study to evaluate the potential of modified fly ash for use as a construction material. Areas of utilization investigated were: structural fill for embankments and dykes; lining material for canals, waste disposal sites, etc.; replacement of cement in concrete; and cement-stabilized base and subbase course. This modified fly ash was evaluated mainly on the basis of its compressive strength at various ages. Availability of only a limited quantity of fly ash necessitated use of miniature specimens for strength test. Results indicate that modified fly ash with and without cement developed adequate compressive strength to be used as fill material in embankments and dykes. Compacted modified ash also exhibited very low permeability characteristics. Replacement of 35 percent cement by modified fly ash produced 20 percent more strength than portland cement mix at 28 days.