Lessons from Anchor Design for CFRP Rods


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Title: Lessons from Anchor Design for CFRP Rods

Author(s): K. Soudki, A. Al-Mayah, and A. Plumtree

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 245


Appears on pages(s): 57-72

Keywords: anchor; CFRP; contact pressure; copper; FEM; interfacial stress; presetting

Date: 4/1/2007

A new design concept, experimental assessment and numerical simulation of a wedge anchor system for prestressing CFRP rods are presented. This compact and reusable anchor required no presetting load and was capable to carry the full design strength of the rod. It consists of an outer cylinder (barrel), a number of wedges, and a soft metal sleeve. The contacting surfaces of the wedges and barrel have a circular profile along the length of the anchor. Monotonic tensile testing was carried out. The relationship of the tensile load and displacement of the rod was established. A three dimensional finite element model was developed to simulate the anchor components. Contact pressure on the rod surface for different presetting distances was low at the loading end of the rod and increased at the free end. Tensile load and displacement relationships was found and compared to that of the experimental investigation.