Effect of Cyclic Loading on the Shear Strength of RC Members


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Title: Effect of Cyclic Loading on the Shear Strength of RC Members

Author(s): M. von Ramin and A.B. Matamoros

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 236


Appears on pages(s): 103-126

Keywords: aggregate interlock; friction; reinforced concrete; seismic load; shear; size effect; strength degradation; strut-and-tie; truss model; walls

Date: 5/1/2006

A model is presented to quantify the reduction in shear strength caused by repeated load reversals in the inelastic range of response of reinforced concrete members. The monotonic shear strength is calculated by the superposition of components related to arch-action, truss-action, friction, and the shear strength of the uncracked compression zone. The reduced shear strength is calculated as a function of the initial monotonic strength, the deformation of the member, the axial load, and the amount of transverse reinforcement used for confining the concrete. An analysis of experimental results showed that the reduction in shear strength in members subjected to load reversals was caused by progressive reductions in the strength of the arch mechanism, the compression zone component, and the truss component. The theoretical model and the test data indicate that contributions from the friction and the shear strength of unconfined concrete should be neglected in this case.