Water Migration in Concrete Under a Sustained Temperature Gradient


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Title: Water Migration in Concrete Under a Sustained Temperature Gradient

Author(s): P. Poitevin

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 34


Appears on pages(s): 909-930

Keywords: concretes; deformation; electricla resistance; high temperature; moisture content; nuclear reactor containment; pressure vessels; research; shrinkage; strains; thermal gradient

Date: 1/1/1972

Shrinkage and creep strains, thermal conductivity and also deformation behavior under load are more or less affected by the moisture content of a concrete structure. The following study of moisture migration under a sustained temperature gradient along the axis of 300 mm long and 80 mm diameter concrete cylinders was undertaken on 1968 by CITRA to obtain some information on the possible moisture movement in the 5.50 m thick cylindrical wall of BUGEY I P.C.R.v. (see P. Launay, annales de l'I.T.B.T.P., May 1970). The corresponding tests were prepared and performed by the Centre d'Etudes Scientifiques et Techniques (CEST) of Grenoble under the supervision of tehcnical department of CITRA, and completed in June 1969.