A Review of Experiences With Condensed Silica-Fume Concretes and Products


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Title: A Review of Experiences With Condensed Silica-Fume Concretes and Products

Author(s): F. F. Radjy, T. Bogen, E. J. Sellevold, and K. E. Loeland

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 1135-1152

Keywords: admixtures; cement content; concrete durability; performance; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; reinforced concrete; reviews; silica; General

Date: 2/1/1986

Extensive technical work has established that high-performance concrete and cementitious materials can be proportioned practically and economically by using condensed silica fume additives. These hybrid chemical/mineral admixtures can be used for applications ranging from bridge overlays, concrete roof tiles, and fiber reinforced cements to structural uses, both on land and offshore. First significant applications began some ten years ago in Norway, with cement replacement as the main benefit. While cement replacement still continues as the main end use in the Scandinavian markets, performance enhancement of cementitious and concrete applications is the dominant attraction for users outside of Scandinavia. After a brief consideration of the history, a range of durability and high-strength applications are reviewed. It is shown that this range of varied applications is generally driven by particular features of performance enhancement.