High-Performance Concrete: Superior Microstructure for Long-Term Durability


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Title: High-Performance Concrete: Superior Microstructure for Long-Term Durability

Author(s): Della M. Roy

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 159


Appears on pages(s): 393-408

Keywords: diffusion; durability; high-performance concretes; microstructure; mineral admixtures; n i x proportioning; performance; permeability; porosity; wastes

Date: 2/1/1996

This paper discusses recent research on high performance concrete with a focus on cemenentitious materials designed for durability. A major key to suchp erformance originates with the concrete microstructure. Recent advances in optimizing cement and concrete materials by using calculated packing diagrams offer the promise of superior products achieved by increased packing efficiency. A high packing density coupled with adequate processing and cement binder characteristics makes possible the formation of a fine microstructure. In turn, this fine microstructure results in a low permeability and therefore provides a resistance to aggressive forces from the environment, which together enhance its long term durability. The favorable interaction among physical and chemical phenomena gives rise to better long term performance, whether the application is structural, or chemical, such as in waste management.