Design and Cost Data for the 1928 Joint Standard Building Code


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Title: Design and Cost Data for the 1928 Joint Standard Building Code

Author(s): Authur R. Lord

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 24

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 537-738

Keywords: none

Date: 3/1/1928

The development of the technique of concrete proportioning within recent years, the constantly advancing knowledge of the mechanics of reinforced-concrete building design, the long years of study and research embodied in the 1924 report of the Joint Committee on Specifications for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete and the subsequent careful codification of that report by the Building Code Committee (E-1) of the American Concrete Institute has made available a workable and authoritative building code for all types of reinforced-concrete construction such as engineers in any city may adopt with confidence. One objection to such adoption lies in the loss of usefulness of most of the design tables and diagrams which hare cost engineers a great deal in both time and money. To overcome this objection this paper includes a complete set of designers' tables and diagrams for use with the proposed 1928 Joint Standard Building Code. I believe that engineers will find this set of designers’ aids as complete, as time-and-labor-saving and as accurate as any similar set they may be wing under their local code. These tables and diagrams introduce important simplifications in the design of doubly-reinforced beams and in the spacing of stirrups. They cover a much wider range of concrete strengths than is covered by similar tables and diagrams previously published. Their use is illustrated and explained by numerous examples.