Application of Tensioned CFRP Strip Method to an Existing Bridge


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Title: Application of Tensioned CFRP Strip Method to an Existing Bridge

Author(s): A. Tateishi, A. Kobayashi, Y. Hamada, T. Takahashi, and H. Yasumori

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 230


Appears on pages(s): 1177-1190

Keywords: anchor; prestress; stiffness; strengthening method; tensioned CFRP strip

Date: 10/1/2005

Tensioned carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strip method or Outplate-methodTM was applied to the 28 years old reinforced concrete (RC) box girder bridge inorder to rehabilitate and increase the load capacity of the bridge. The Chofu Bridge hadbeen deteriorated by 28 years of heavy traffic and had many cracks on the underside ofthe main girders. Before and after the CFRP application, on-site load tests of the bridgewere conducted using a 45 ton-weight vehicle. Results of the tensioned CFRP stripapplication to the bridge girders proved effective to reduce the stress in the reinforcingbars and to reduce crack widths.