Repair and Strengthening with Adhesive-Bonded Plates


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Title: Repair and Strengthening with Adhesive-Bonded Plates

Author(s): K. S. Chan and T. H. Tan

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 165


Appears on pages(s): 127-140

Keywords: adhesives; beams (supports); bonding; columns (supports); confined concrete; plates (structural members); repairs; Structural Research

Date: 12/1/1996

The use of steel plates bonded with epoxy adhesives to reinforced concrete structures is a technique more than 25 years old. In this paper, the applications of using this technique for construction of new structural members and strengthening of existing members are reviewed. For the strengthening of reinforced concrete beams and columns, preloading prior to bonding of steel plates is studied to simulate the in situ strengthening process. For upgrading of columns, the transfer of stresses, lateral confinement of the concrete section, and failure modes are described. From the experiments carried out, it is concluded that strengthening with epoxy- bonded steel plates alone will not increase the ultimate strength of the column, though the stiffness in enhanced marginally. However, additional inclusion of lateral confinement plates improves its strength. In particular, the post-failure mode and post-failure strength may lead to highly potential applications. Test results of scale models are discussed and tentative design criteria recommended.