Use of High-Strength/High-Performance Concrete (HSHPC) in NYSDOT Bridges


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Title: Use of High-Strength/High-Performance Concrete (HSHPC) in NYSDOT Bridges

Author(s): M. Royce

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 228


Appears on pages(s): 787-800

Keywords: beams; concrete; high-performance concrete; New York; performance; prestressed bridges; strength

Date: 6/1/2005

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has been using High Strength High Performance Concrete (HSHPC) for prestressed concrete bridge beams for a few years on a limited basis. Based on the overall success of projects (23 bridges) during the 2001-2003 period, the Department is currently specifying HSHPC for all prestressed concrete bridge beams. This paper is intended to convey the New York experience in this area to other bridge owners. This paper includes a brief history of use of HSHPC in NYSDOT bridges, an explanation of why NYSDOT decided to go 100% HSHPC for bridge beams and a cost comparison between HSHPC beams and conventional concrete beams. A brief discussion of the current HSHPC Specifications, use of pre-approved HSHPC mix proportions by precasters producing bridge beams for NYSDOT, the approval process for mix proportions by precasters and quality control tests during production of HSHPC beams has also been included. Based on the New York experience, use of HSHPC is providing great value for bridge owners, especially in areas where corrosion of embedded steel is a problem due to exposure to chlorides.