Polyester-Based Low-Shrinkage Polymer Concrete


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Title: Polyester-Based Low-Shrinkage Polymer Concrete

Author(s): James E. Maass

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 166


Appears on pages(s): 189-210

Keywords: aggregates; basalt; epoxy resins; esters; mechanical properties; modulus of elasticity; polymer concrete; sands; shrinkage; temperature; thermal expansion; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1996

Given the breakthrough technology creating nonshrinking unsaturated polyester resin, this paper examines what this new technology might do if utilized in polymer concrete. The paper defines the criteria for success for polymer concrete in cast metal applications and, utilizing these criteria, compares the performance of the newly developed, low-shrink, polyester-based systems with an accepted standard epoxy. Criteria examined include (1) stiffness-to-weight ratio equal to cast iron, (2) low coefficient of thermal expansion, (3) temperature insensitive mechanical properties, (4) adhesion to insert materials, (5) low shrinkage, (6) good composite flow and consolidation characteristics, and (7) comparable cost to machined cast metals. The data tends to show that for most applications, these new low-shrink, polyester-based polymer concretes may, in fact, be a new polymer-based alternative for cast metals. Given the lower costs of these low-shrink polymer concrete systems, an exciting new opportunity may be defined. Observations on initial field trials are also noted.