Thermal Stresses in Polymer Concrete Overlays


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Title: Thermal Stresses in Polymer Concrete Overlays

Author(s): Donguk Choi, David W. Fowler, and Dan L. Wheat.

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 166


Appears on pages(s): 93-122

Keywords: axial loads; beams (supports); concretes; portland cements; resurfacing; shear stress; stresses; thermal stresses; Materials Research

Date: 12/1/1996

An analytical procedure was developed by which thermally-induced stresses in polymer concrete overlays can be quantified. The distribution and the magnitude of thermally-induced stresses can be determined using the proposed procedure. The main variables which influence the thermal stress development are found to be the thickness ratio and the modular ratio of the polymer concrete to the portland cement concrete, the difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion, and the temperature change. The relationships between the variables and the thermal stresses are determined and presented. Analyses reveal that thermally-induced interface stresses decrease as the elastic modulus and the thickness of the overlay decrease for the thin polymer concrete overlays. The analyses assumed isothermal conditions.