M-f-P Diagrams for Concrete Sections Under Biaxial Flexure and Axial Compression


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Title: M-f-P Diagrams for Concrete Sections Under Biaxial Flexure and Axial Compression

Author(s): Gary R. Consolazio, Johnny Fung, and Marcus Ansley

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 101

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 114-123

Keywords: fiber-reinforced polymer; moment; prestress

Date: 1/1/2004

A numerical procedure is presented for computing moment-curvature diagrams for concrete sections subjected to simultaneous biaxial bending and axial compression. The effects of reinforcing steel, prestressing tendons, and externally bonded FRP composites are included in the numerical model. By using efficient section discretization and stress-surface integration procedures, completely arbitrary cross-sectional shapes can be handled, including sections with internal voids. Innovative numerical techniques are used to determine the position and orientation of the neutral axis that produce both the prescribed axial compressive load acting on the section and a resultant moment that is assured to act at a prescribed orientation angle. Moment-curvature diagrams for several validation and example sections are computed using the proposed procedure and are compared with data published in the literature.