A Design Method for Punching Shear Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs


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Title: A Design Method for Punching Shear Strength of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs

Author(s): D. D. Theodorakopoulos and R. N. Swamy

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 216


Appears on pages(s): 181-202

Keywords: depth correction factor; design; fiber reinforcement; neutral axis depth; punching; slab; ultimate strength

Date: 10/1/2003

A design method for determining the capacity of slab-column connections made with steel fibre concrete at ultimate load is presented. The proposed design equation is based on the authors' theoretical analysis, which considers the physical behaviour of the connections under load and is therefore applicable to both lightweight and normal weight concrete as well as to concrete without fibres. The design equation incorporates the effects of fibre reinforcement on resisting the upward movement of flexural cracking and of increasing the concrete tensile stress. Furthermore, it simplifies the calculation of the neutral axis depth still accounting for the steel strain hardening effect. The approach does not employ fitting factors to match the predictions to experimental data. However, a depth correction factor is used to account for the size effects. The proposed design equation is applied to predict the ultimate punching shear strength of sixty two slab-column connections tested by authors and other investigators, involving a wide range of fibre variables, concrete type and strength, tension steel ratio, size of slab and loaded area. The comparisons between computed values and the experimentally observed values are shown to validate the proposed design equation.