Durability of Masonry Mortar


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Title: Durability of Masonry Mortar

Author(s): S. Guirguis, S. J. Lawrence, and W. Samarasinghe

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 212


Appears on pages(s): 837-852

Keywords: durability; field tests; masonry mortar; performance tests

Date: 6/1/2003

The durability of masonry mortar is an important property that can significantly influence the performance of a masonry structure. Mortar durability is influenced by many factors. Some are external factors related to environmental and/or service conditions, which the designer should consider in design. Others are external factors related to the properties of the masonry units, the mortar and their interactions. Because of the large number of factors influencing durability, it has been difficult to develop test methods to predict the durability performance of masonry mortar. As a result there has been no standard performance criteria for durability of mortar other than to give prescriptive; deemed to satisfy; requirements based on experience. This paper briefly reviews mechanisms of deterioration of masonry mortars and describes work carried out to develop laboratory and field test methods to assess the service life of masonry mortars subjected to salt crystallization, abrasion and wind action. The paper also describes the performance criteria derived from both laboratory and field tests and their advantages and/or limitations. The adoption of the field test into the current Australian masonry standard is also described.