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Title: Investigations on the Sulfate Resistance of High-Lime Fly ash Incorporating PC-fa Mortars

Author(s): T. Y. Erdogan, M. tokyay, and K. Ramyar

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 132


Appears on pages(s): 271-280

Keywords: aluminum oxide; anhydrite; durability; fly ash; free lime; lime; mortars (material); sulfate resistance; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1992

Sulfate damage in concrete is a result of the reaction between C 3A in portland cement, which produces the hydration of calcium silicates and water soluble sulfates. The damage is reduced or overcome by replacing some of the cement with low-lime fly ash. High-lime fly ashes usually contain some free lime, anhydrite, iron oxide, and C 3A contents of PC-fa mortars and their sulfate expansions determined according to ASTM C 452 showed that, beside the sulfate resistance factor R, free CaO/Fe 2O 3 and C 3A + free alumina/free CaO ratios of the PC-fa mixes containing high fly ashes can be used to determine their sulfate susceptibility.


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