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Title: Strength and Fracture Energy of Concrete With and Without fly Ash Cured in Water at Different Temperatures

Author(s): J. J. Brooks and Z. D. Sikhararulidze

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 132


Appears on pages(s): 299-318

Keywords: compressive strength; curing; deformation; flexural strength; fly ash; fracture properties; temperature; Materials Research

DOI: 10.14359/1223

Date: 5/1/1992

Compressive strength, flexural strength, and fracture energy of ordinary portland cement concrete with and without fly ash have been determined over a 6-month period. Specimens were cured in water at various constant temperatures ranging from 7 to 80 C. Flexural strength and fracture energy were measured on notched specimens subjected to a constant rate of deformation. The influence of temperature on strength is complex, and does not always follow the trend of a higher initial rate and lower ultimate value as the curing temperature is raised. Compared with strength, fracture energy is less sensitive to curing temperature. For all concretes, general expressions are presented for relating flexural and compressive strengths, and facture energy and flexural strength. These expressions are independent of age and temperature, and suggest that approximate estimates of strength and fracture energy can be made only from a knowledge of strength of ordinary portland cement concrete cured at 20 C.


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