Properties of High-Density Concrete Made with Iron Aggregate


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Title: Properties of High-Density Concrete Made with Iron Aggregate

Author(s): Harold S. Davis, Frederick L. Browne Harry C. Witter

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 52

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 705-726

Keywords: no keywords

Date: 3/1/1956

Data are presented on the physical properties of several typrs of mortar and concrete made with iron-bearing aggregate for use in radiation shields. Heavy aggregates used in this investigation included steel punchings, fine steel shot, ferrophosphorus, magnetite, and limonite. Concrete made with natural heavy aggregates had densities of from 185 to 225 lb per cu ft. One type of concrete made with steel punchings and limonite weighed 273 lb per cu ft. Both the prepacked method and conventional methods were used for fabricating concrete specimens. The results of tests performed on several types of heavy mortars made with fine sand are also reported. Data obtained at elevated temperatures are presented, as well as data obtained from standard tests on aggregate, concrete, and mortar. The data and experience obtained during this investigation demonstrate that concrete suitable for radiation sheilds can be made with iron-bearing aggregates by either the prepacked or conventional methods of construction.