Proposed Revision of ACI 617-58: Recommended Practice for Construction of Concrete Pavements and Concrete Bases


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Title: Proposed Revision of ACI 617-58: Recommended Practice for Construction of Concrete Pavements and Concrete Bases

Author(s): ACI Committee 316

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 70

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 545-570

Keywords: admixtures; aggregates: air entrainment: base courses:cements: cold weather construction:compressive strength: concrete construction; concrete durablllty: concrete finishing (fresh concrete)* concrete pavements: curing; curing compounds.

Date: 8/1/1973

This recommended practice covers the constructron of concrete pavements and concrete bases without attempting to include inflexlble specifications for procedures, materials or equipment. References are made to specifications, but only as a guide to enable a selection of requirements suitable for a particular location or class of work. The document is slanted to some degree toward use by agencies other than state highway departments or turn pike authorities with presumably large and experienced engineering staffs, and with knowledge of past performance of pavements in the area. Sections are devoted to specifying, sampling, and testing materials, and to the possible influence of materials on skid resistance economy, and durability. Maximum aggregate sixe is mentioned as sometimes relating to pavement durability. Subgrades and subbases are treated only as to final preparatron for Paving-Recommendations for forms are included as well as recommendations for projects using slipforms. Arrangement of joints is described, and references are given for guidance in using reinforcement sections on normal and high-early-strength concrete portioning rely heavily on refe:ence to the report of AC1 Commifiee 211, but point out the special problems connected with pavement concretes and the use of admixtures in pavement concrete. Sections on mixing, placing, finishing, and curing concrete refer to other ACI reports where pertinent, but make reccommendations for the special handling necessary in the case of pavements. Concrete bases are treated where procedures vary from those used for pavements, and recommendations and references are grven for cold and hot weather concreting.